Green Tea Myths and Facts

Green tea is one of the most famous drinks that appeared in Ancient China more than 4000 years ago, and ever since then I was used to cure or prevent countless illnesses and problems with our metabolism. Because of its various uses, this type of tea slowly but surely became a center point of many myths. Here you can learn more about real facts and fictional myths of green tea.


Fast weight loss – Even though many nutritionists recommend green tea as one of the ingredients for weight loss, nothing in its structure will help you to quickly reduce weight. However, if you structure your diet correctly, regular use of green tea can stabilize your metabolism and help you reinforce your already established weight loss plan.

Large Green Tea Plantation

You can drink as much as you like safely – Drinking large amounts of green and black tea can cause problems for your health and metabolism, and you need to pace yourself and drink less than 10 cups per day. Green tea contains caffeine which can cause tremors, polyphenols can cause indigestion, if the leaves were treated with pesticides, they can add up and slowly poison you, and more.

Black and Green tea are extracted from different plants – False! Both Green and Black tea leaves are taken from the same plant. Different color is achieved because of different tea processing.

Black Tea Has More Caffeine – This is not true. Black tea is created from the green leaves of green tea, but procedure for creating black leaves zero impact on the amount of caffeine.

Green tea cannot promote cancer – False. Studies have shown that really large intake of green or black tea can promote throat cancer. Don’t drink it too much every day!


Promotes stronger bones – Yes, minerals and other components of the green tea can strengthen bones in people who drink it daily. If you want to prevent Osteoporosis and other bone-related problems, drink one or two cups of green tea each day.

Prevents cancer – Regular and moderate intake of green tea can indeed prevent appearance of cancer, but that is true for almost every other natural tea. Green tea however has larger amounts of Catechin, substance that prevents buildup of enzymes that are needed for growth of cancer cells.

Treats acne – Extracts of green tea are often used in cosmetics. For example Green Tea Oil is very popular ingredient for treating acne, skin spots and skin health.

Stabilizes cardiovascular system – Regular intake of green tea can very efficiently moderate functions of your heart and blood, reducing levels of bad cholesterol, remove blood clots and much more.

Note: All figures are approximate; this site does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Large Green Tea Plantation