Green Tea Nutrition Information

Green tea contains various compounds such as polyphenols, tannin, theophylline, caffeine, vitamin C and many other organic substances. Learn about green tea nutrients for maximum nutritional benefit of this drink.

Green tea health ingredients

Green Tea Nutrition

Green tea contains antioxidants properties, polyphenols, theanine and numerous vitamins and minerals. Read about main green tea nutrients and take a closer look at the compounds.

Green tea no caloeries

Calories in Green Tea - Green Tea Nutrition

Is it true, that green tea contains only one calorie? Green tea only has a few calories per cup, so most people consider it to be zero.

Green tea caffeine content

Caffeine Content of Green Tea

Green tea contains caffeine, unless it is specifically decaffeinated. Comparing to other beverages, does green tea contain more or less caffeine?

Green tea tannin

Green Tea Tannin and Caffeine

Green tea is widely known because of its extremely high levels of antioxidants. Tannins in green tea have many health properties. Read abut green tea antioxidants, catechin tannins and caffeine.

Green tea nutritional value